When Is It Appropriate To Get a Firm Mattress?


Scales from one to 10 indicate the firmness of mattresses, with one being the softest and ten the firmest. There are currently beds ranging in firmness from 3 (very gentle) to 8 (very hard) (firm).

The materials provide body contouring and pressure relief without allowing the user to sink too far. Extra firm mattresses (between 9 and 10 on the firmness scale) are the best option for persons who desire a level, nearly non-conforming surface on which to sleep. Here we will be discussing best mattress for side sleeper as well.

What is the Best Mattress for Heavy People to Sleep On?

Individuals weighing up to 230 pounds may find even support, and a comfortable conforming feel on a mattress with the proper features. Mattress manufacturers frequently make false claims about their goods’ universal comfort or adaptability in their marketing. The fact is that there are many distinct mattress models, each designed to meet the needs of a certain group of sleepers by using a specific combination of materials.

Those who sleep on their backs should consider the following features while searching for a new bed rather than the claims made by mattress manufacturers.

Mattress Material

You may get relief from pressure spots with memory foam or an all-polyfoam mattress because of the material’s potential to contour your body. You may also get sufficient contouring with all-latex mattresses and airbeds with adjustable hardness levels. Hybrids and innersprings are the way to go if you need more support and stability.


One of the most important factors in deciding whether a mattress is good for heavier sleepers is its responsiveness or “bounce.” Non-responsive mattresses, including those made of memory foam or polyfoam, might make you feel like you’re “trapped” in the mattress due to their excessive sinkage. Because of their construction, responsive hybrid, latex, and innerspring mattresses are less cumbersome to relocate. This may be quite important when making love.


For most people, this will be a good compromise between a snug fit and one that sags too much when sleeping. Because mattresses that conform too tightly lack meaningful support, persons weighing over 230 pounds are best served by a bed with moderate to little contouring.

The Depth of a Mattress

Mattresses with a higher or medium profile are best for heavy sleepers. Shorter people sleeping on longer mattresses may feel like they’re sinking into the bed since the mattress isn’t supporting their weight. Mattresses over 12 inches thick usually feel soft to medium and may not give appropriate support because of the additional padding layers.

Top-Notch Materials Available

Heavier people prefer medium or greater-density comfort layers in foam mattresses because they provide less sag. In this respect, natural and organic latex is interchangeable with synthetic and mixed latex. Hybrids and innersprings benefit from thick coil systems, especially at the edges, because they are more stable and last longer.

The Degree of Stiffness

People who weigh over 230 pounds should opt for a mattress with a firmness rating between medium and extremely firm. Softer mattresses are wonderful for anyone weighing less than 230 pounds but unsuitable for those who weigh more.

The Reduction of Stress

Mattresses that do not adequately support the body may cause heavy sleepers discomfort in the shoulders, hips, and other areas. The degree to which pressure is relieved when sleeping may vary with the individual’s preferred sleeping position. Because the spine is not kept in its most neutral position when lying on one’s side, side sleepers often experience greater pressure than back or stomach sleepers.