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Image masking is a significant photo editing technique in Photoshop that is used for various issues. This method of image editing is completely simple to apply but the output is amazing. Editing methods similar to masking may not be very tough, and also have great importance in this digital world. But, the image masking editing process will always be in the pioneer place of the expert’s recommendation. Because of this method helping to remove background from soft edge surface photographs goes painless.

State Image masking

Image masking editing service is a part and parcel of Photoshop. And this task allows a photo editor to delete the background from a soft edge surface image. And it is a smooth operation for image editing. Masking has several ways to carry a photo from its context and to place it anywhere.

Benefits of Image Masking

-Isolating the specific part of an image and not the whole background.

-Changing backgrounds to place a fresh look to an older image.

-Reusing extracted images with a different background.

-Creating advertisements, magazine covers, and other related works.

Types of Image Masking

The key goal of an image masking service is to vanish unnecessary background from an image. And also it abets to extend the beauty level of a photo. Different types of Image masking are given below

Layer Masking

It is a remarkable feature in Adobe Photoshop. It abets an expert to disclose a fixed portion of an image.  Layer masking can easily point out an opposite level of opacity for a photo. Especially it works awesome for hair, rice, pulse, and also related objects. Also, if anyone uses black color on the mask, that part of the image will reveal itself absolutely transparent.

Photoshop masking service

Clipping Masking

Clipping masking is a technique to get the transparency of a layer by utilizing another layer in Photoshop. Building a layer at the bottom of the layer creates transparency for the defined image. Utilizing the first layer we can improve or decrease the brightness level of the above layer.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking is a little challenging for masking. Layer masking and Clipping masking are very common to use. But when hair or fur occurs in an image, it is totally tough to remove hair with clipping or layer masking. To overcome this situation, the Alpha Channel masking technique helps to take out hair or fur from the image.

Transparent Masking

To work with transparent masking is very tough. To understand knowledge, anyone needs days of persistence. This technique is used to separate transparent objects from an image. For example, glass, bottles, sunglasses, and water possess transparency. The major benefits of transparent masking are to separate the background from this kind of subject and to sustain the original color of the background.



Common Uses of Image Masking

Masking is very well known to experts as a non-destructive image editing process. An editor can easily convert an image according to the desire by applying image masking.

-Creating Visible or Invisible an Image

-Modification a Portion of Pictures

-Splitting or Adding Background for Translucent Objects

-Collage Image Masking

Masking pictures


Our promise to Image Masking

Image Path Service is an experienced and professional image masking service provider and has been delivering specific parts of the image and not whole background with the support of our experienced image editors at pocket-friendly rates.