Does Medicare Cover Orthopedic Mattresses? Medicare Reimbursement

Orthopedic mattresses are helpful because they support those who have trouble sleeping on standard beds due to medical conditions. Orthopedic beds tend to be rather pricey. In certain instances, Medicare will cover up to 80% of the cost of a joint replacement mattress. Medicare typically covers multifunctional mattresses. Continue reading for information on getting your money back. Suppose the bed meets Medicare’s criteria for prescription medications (DME) and is utilized by a patient who is recuperating from an accident, health condition, or handicap. In that case, Medicare will reimburse the cost of the orthopedic mattress. To have Medicare cover the cost of a mattress, you’ll need a prescription from a doctor and to purchase the mattress from a supplier that accepts Medicare.Visit this link for more details¬†¬†¬†

Medicare Covers Orthopedic Mattresses

For certain patients, Medicare may pay for a bed and mattress if prescribed by a doctor. If you want to minimize pain and enhance comfort, consider investing in an orthopedic mattress to help relieve pressure and correct spinal alignment. An orthopedic mattress is necessary for medical reasons if your condition necessitates appropriate body alignment or you are required to sleep in a particular position to alleviate pain. Arthritis and sciatica are two examples. In some instances, Medicare may help cover the expense of an orthopedic bed.


As a result of arthritis, joint discomfort and inflammation occur. Patients with arthritis may have problems sleeping on mattresses that don’t provide adequate support. Lack of support in a mattress might lead to an increase in body stress. Joint discomfort and inflammation might be alleviated with the help of an orthopedic bed’s unique design. Learn more about how the layers of an orthopedic mattress may help keep your body and spine in some neutral position by reading our in-depth guide on the materials used to make them.


As a result of irritation to the central nervous system, sciatic pain may be either temporary or persistent. The strain on your back will be reduced, and your posture will improve if you choose a firm, orthopedic mattress. Orthopedic memory foam mattresses alleviate sciatic pain by relieving pressure on the spine and nerves. Medicare covers orthopedic mattresses treating sciatica.

Orthopedic Mattresses Covered By Medicare

Medicare does not pay for all orthopedic mattresses. Insist on a DME mattress (DME). The patient must place a high value on long-lasting medical devices. You must obtain a prescription from your doctor and purchase your Orthopedic mattress from a Medicare-approved supplier to be reimbursed by Medicare. Medical necessitates for an orthopedic mattress might be determined by a doctor. In addition to being DME-certified, five more requirements must be met.

  • Only for therapeutic reasons is it ever utilized.
  • Regular use won’t wear it out.
  • In no other circumstance would it be beneficial, save for the ill or disabled.
  • Home usage is planned.
  • It has to be valid for at least three years.

If you want to learn more about this topic, check out the linked article. Also, if you’re confused about the differences between every orthopedic mattress and a regular mattress, that’s the place to get the answers. Here’s how you get Medicare to pay for an orthopedic bed: