What is a background removal service?

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Background Removal Service is one of the image editing services that cuts, masks, and crops images inside and outside the background. Character paths and layer masking by removing natural or white backgrounds are very effective and important for background removal services. Photoshop has an automatic background removal tool for removing backgrounds from photos. But it didn’t work out the way it should. This is because rough and uneven cuts will damage the shape of the image and the interior. And create a big curve This type of service is therefore popular in the eCommerce industry. Online marketing is the fashion or modeling advertising or design, marketing, and useful magazine industry. Images of your products in these industries must be freely edited or manipulated to remove, replace, or replace unwanted backgrounds or objects.

background removal service


Image Path Service” is an international background removal company with more than seven years of experience in digital photography. We work with hundreds of popular media, fashion, print, eCommerce, photography, and other creative companies. We have a team of about 120 expert photo editors. Graphic designers and provide the best background removal services to our customers. Currently, the “Image Path Service” can deliver more than 2000 images a day to our customers. Data cleaning services can be divided into different types.


Image background removal and replacement service



Image Background Removal and Correction Service is an image editing service that we offer to our customers. Regardless of the complexity of the image. We have a special touch to completely separate the unwanted background from the picture. An inappropriate environment should be removed from the picture. You may have too many pictures to remove from the background. Stop thinking and come back to us !!! We constantly edit and delete photos of your products for a reasonable price.


As a retailer or e-commerce retailer you may need a white or colored background. If you plan to sell in e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, your product may need a white background image. If you want to sell your online store in the colors of your brand, you may need a colorful background. You don’t need any color. To create a picture of your product and we can make it 100% perfect. You can also take pictures of your product with a transparent background if you want.


We usually use cutting paths to remove the background from a product image. With this professional hand paint method, we guarantee that almost every type of product photography will be flawless. Some products may have smooth and rough edges, such as b. Move dolls, blankets, etc., where we avoid cutting paths. We apply image masking to the image of those products to cut the background and maintain the highest quality.

background removal service Before Image
Images for background removal after service

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